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CONDO COPS an Arresting New Reality Show

CondoCopsLogoPINELLAS COUNTY, FL—Your neighbor is taking his morning bath — beside the community pool. The woman upstairs is threatening to torch the whole condominium — and shoot anyone who runs out. A resident is hit in the head with a fish, and he’s decided it was a deliberate attack by his upstairs neighbor.

The situations are all real, drawn from the files of Ameri-Tech Companies, a Clearwater-based property management firm. Founder Mike Perez is turning those stories into what he believes is the next hit reality TV show, CONDO COPS, now filming throughout Pinellas County and set to air locally in mid-October.

“I’ve been a property manager for over 25 years. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I deal with every day,” says Perez, Executive Producer of CONDO COPS. “My company manages about 25,000 condominium units. We get calls that range from the humorous, to the heart breaking, to the downright horrifying. Often, a little common sense can resolve issues for our residents. Sometimes, we need a little more emphasis.”

That “emphasis” comes from the show’s three “condo cops.” They include Perez, the show’s hard-nosed businessman and top property manager; Darleen DePoalo, a Florida licensed real estate broker as well as a seasoned property manager who takes a more compassionate approach — until it’s time to be hard as nails; and Michael Guju, Ameri-Tech’s association attorney who brings a voice of reason to citing the letter of the law — as set forth by the condominium associations’ Rules and Regulations and condominium documents.

CONDO COPS is a thirty-minute show directed by John Parsonson, filmed by VonHenry Media, Inc., and scripted by Billie Noakes. Perez plans to produce his first season and air it locally, then shop it to national outlets.

“The show will have its humorous elements, but we’re also educating the public about how condominium associations handle and enforce their agreements with residents,” says Perez. “I have high hopes for its success.”

For further information, reach Perez at 727-639-1918.

“Last Things First” Workshop Offers Pre-Need Planning

HeadNShouldersPINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA — “Last Things First,” a workshop by Debra L. Cannell discussing the importance of planning your own funeral arrangements, is offered to area churches free of charge, and is accompanied by a donation to help participating churches extend their own work in their communities.

“I experienced the shock and loss of four deaths in my family within three months in 2010,” says Cannell, “and because none of those family members had planned to die when they did, none of them had made their final wishes known. I was faced not only with the weight of my grief, but also with partial responsibility for making arrangements without the guidance of my loved ones’ wishes. It was devastating.”

Worse, she says, her family was pressured into making financial choices about caskets, urns, and funeral services that took advantage of their vulnerability.

In 2012, says Cannell, “I decided to help people spare their own families the heartache that mine experienced. I realized that pre-need funeral plans made it possible for people to remove the burden of funeral planning and expense from their families. Such plans put control in the hands of the one person whose desires should be paramount, the one whose life would be celebrated. And these plans allowed someone to make sure that important last messages were preserved for their loved ones.”

Cannell is a licensed pre-need counselor with the nation’s oldest and largest cremation service provider. She says that she prefers to work with church congregations because she views her work as a ministry to people who want to spare their loved ones the added burden of planning a funeral at a time when they should be drawing comfort from their memories.

“Last Things First” workshops can run from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on her interactions with participants, and the number of questions they have on all aspects of pre-need planning.

She invites pastors or church outreach ministers to contact her at 727-254-0795 if they feel their congregations might benefit from the information she offers in her workshops.


Foster World Peace at Agartha Book Store May 8

Logo HelloFromMyHeartSAFETY HARBOR—Gary Schineller, founder and CEO of Hello From My Heart, Inc., presents a blueprint for World Peace when he speaks at Agartha Book Store, 101 Main Street, Suite C, in Safety Harbor, at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 8.

Gary-SSchineller’s approach to fostering happier, healthier, more peaceful communities has a 14-year history of making positive, measurable changes. His techniques are in daily use in 22 countries, and he has reached more than 100 million people through the website, as well as through personal appearances before audiences that have included heads of state, the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and spiritual and social leaders. Schineller’s inspiring and workable solutions to global and local turmoil receive standing ovations wherever he speaks.

Schineller, whose book, “How To: Have a NICE Day,” won the 2005 Chelson Award for Inspiration, is a former media sales and marketing executive, and an ordained minister.

He founded Hello From My Heart, Inc., in 2002 in the Tampa Bay area “To measurably create happier, healthier, (and) more peaceful communities.” The first Hello From My Heart day was celebrated on August 1, 2002, when an estimated 750,000 people in eight Tampa Bay area counties shared the greeting, “Hello, from my heart.” Crime in those eight counties dropped an average of 22% on that day.

In 2004, “Hello From My Heart Day” was moved to September 11, and in 2013 the “season” embraced the September 21 United Nations International Day of Peace.

Schineller’s presentation at the Agartha Book Store is free and open to the public, but seating is limited. An RSVP is recommended, and can be delivered via phone at 727-726-2012, or via e-mail to

Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC Marks 13 Years in Business

IdealSolutionsProvider_logoTAMPA, FLORIDA—Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC (ISP), a telecommunications “broker” with clients throughout Florida, marked its thirteenth anniversary on April 2.

“My son was born at 1:13 p.m., or 1313 hours in military talk,” says Whittington, “so reaching our company’s thirteenth anniversary seems especially noteworthy!”

Whittington adds that during those 13 years, ISP has helped businesses of all sizes, in a wide range of industries, to find the right telecommunications package for maximizing their success.

“Telecom encompasses more than simple telephone service,” says Whittington. “Internet connectivity, ‘webinars,’ cloud computing, data storage, site surveillance, cyber security, and intranet services are all part of it. Finding the right combination of services at the right price is our specialty. And our services are free to our clients.”

A free, no-obligation facility check, helps ISP suggest a service or combination of services to help the business make the most of today’s telecommunications options. ISP delivers several suggested plans from which prospective clients can make their selections.

“A business would spend hours contacting multiple vendors trying to compare the details of different plans,” notes Whittington. “We can evaluate plans quickly and offer a true ‘apples to apples’ comparison for our clients to consider.

“We also manage our clients’ installations of new or upgraded systems, and provide on-site training to their personnel. When they have an issue, clients call us to have it resolved.

“The fact that we’ve been here for 13 years is a testament to the good service we provide, and to the respect we have earned among telecom providers in matching their quality services with our quality clients.”

Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, is located at 8710 W. Hillsborough Ave., Ste. 154, Tampa, FL 33615. Contact Brian Whittington at 813-388-4935.

RGA University: Liz M. Lopez Explains “How To Use Words That Close Sales”

Liz M. Lopez “How To Use Words That Close Sales”

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA—No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of making sales. Whether you are looking for clients, pitching a business plan, or recruiting team members, what you are doing is selling a product, an idea, or a service. The words you use in the process, and how and when you use them, determine whether you’ll close the sale, or have a door closed on your efforts.

Business consultant, social media specialist, and business writer Liz M. Lopez presents a two-hour class, “How To Use Words That Close Sales,” on Wednesday, February 25, from 6:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. in the meeting room at Chili’s, 5430 East Bay Drive, Clearwater (33764). Presented as part of Revenue Generative Activities’ RGA University, the class is $29 for RGA members, and $39 for non-members.

“There is a point in a sales meeting when your prospect is ready to buy, but if you fail to recognize that point and keep trying to sell, you can sabotage your own success, lose the sale, and never even know why,” says Lopez.

She developed “How To Use Words That Close Sales” to help businesses set up their own sales process, communicate effectively at each stage of that process, and close more sales.

In her interactive class, Lopez will show participants how to:

  • Build a basic sales process for any business
  • Connect effectively with prospects in person, online, by phone, or via email
  • Communicate in a way that plays to your strengths and leads to sales
  • Choose words and phrases that help convert prospects into customers

Seating is limited for this two-hour class. Early registration is recommended.

Please visit or to register.


TSFL Logo_wWordsSARASOTA, FLORIDA — “We’re well into the New Year, but a lot of people who resolved to get in better shape and get healthier are still struggling with that goal,” says Stephanie Dluzneski, RN, a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life. “We have a plan to help them with that.”

Dluzneski invites the public to a free presentation by Dr. Wayne Andersen, nationally recognized author and co-founder of the Optimal Health Program at Take Shape For Life. Dr. Andersen will present The Health Trilogy, a simple-to-follow plan for taking control of life and health.

The program is scheduled for Saturday, February 28, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota, 1000 Boulevard of the Arts.

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., followed by Dr. Andersen’s Trilogy Presentation at 9:00 a.m.

At 11:00 a.m., participants will hear inspiring success stories and learn tips for creating their own successes. During the lunch break, Dr. Andersen will sign copies of his book, Habits of Health, and photo opportunities with Dr. Andersen and TSFL’s Dan Bell will be available.

From 1:30 p.m. till 4:00 p.m., participate in business training with Take Shape for Life.

“Dr. Andersen is my friend as well as my mentor,” says Dluzneski. “I’m excited to be part of the team hosting this life-enhancing event.”

For further information and to reserve your free seat, contact Stephanie Dluzneski, RN, at 941-544-4590 or send an e-mail to

Local Network Professionals Chapters Under New Management

NPI logo w:SloganPINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA — Network Professionals Inc. (NPI), serving North Pinellas and West Pasco counties, came under new management on January 1. Jon Marshall, a seasoned entrepreneur with considerable sales management experience with Siebel and Oracle, and, most recently, as Vice President of Sales at SavvyCard, acquired the local NPI license and is rebranding as Suncoast NPI.

“I’m excited to take the reins as Suncoast NPI begins an exciting new chapter, aiming for a year of record growth and outcomes,” says Marshall. “Our goal is to be a world-class referral marketing company with a true community look and feel.”

Suncoast NPI currently comprises seven networking chapters that each meet weekly, either for breakfast or lunch. After-hours socials provide less structured networking opportunities. Meetings are held throughout the Tampa Bay area and across Florida. Members are welcome to visit and participate at any of them.

Suncoast NPI is a category-exclusive network: only one member in a chapter will represent a business category. Members collaborate with each other in expanding their business contacts, generating referrals, and growing their businesses.

One of Marshall’s innovations for Suncoast NPI is a “5:30:5” program. Describes Marshall: “If a member participates fully in Suncoast NPI, his or her business will experience five percent topline growth, Suncoast NPI membership will increase by thirty percent, and each member will contribute five hours of volunteer service to our community every month. In a chapter with twenty active members, that’s one hundred hours of service each month.”

Marshall also plans to leverage his software background to introduce more technology in member benefits. Under a licensing arrangement with SkillNet (, Suncoast NPI will offer an online skill development portal for members to access a wide variety of video tutorials in areas like business, networking, sales, and marketing. He plans a weekly blog to help improve members’ business performance.

“I invite any entrepreneur or manager interested in attending a dynamic business networking to visit any of our chapters as my personal guest,” says Marshall. For information, contact Jon Marshall at 510-821-0654 or visit the Suncoast NPI website at

Making Fundraising Magic with Geoff Williams

GeoffWilliamsBnWPINELLAS COUNTY, FL — Comedic magician Geoff Williams, honored multiple times as Magician of the Year by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, regularly embarks from his home on St. Pete Beach to amaze audiences across the country and around the world with his sleight-of-hand.

Now, he wants to magically make money fill the coffers of local schools, churches, Chambers of Commerce, fraternal organizations, and charities by providing fundraising programs at no cost to the sponsoring organizations.

Geoff Williams attended the 2014 FFFF magic convention in upstate New York.
Geoff Williams attended the 2014 FFFF magic convention in upstate New York.

Williams is a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood and a member of the prestigious by-invitation-only Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic in New York. He was a contributing writer for “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and has amassed more than two dozen awards for his comedy-magic shows.

He has worked with a number of organizations in Pinellas County, including Lakewood High School, St. Michael’s Church, the Boy Scouts of America, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, the TampaBayNetworkers Holiday Gift Drive for the Pinellas Park Firefighters Benevolent Association, the Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce, Women With Purpose, and Networking Women of Integrity and Excellence.

Williams realized that his family-friendly, if slightly zany, mix of humor and magic could provide a high-profile opportunity for other organizations, as well, and he developed a fundraising model that takes the risk out of staging a professional production for a large audience.

“There is no up-front fee for these shows,” explains Williams. “My fees come from ticket sales and I’m eager to help in every way I can. I feel I’m successful only if the groups I’m working with are successful.”

To that end, Williams has written a book, “FUNDRAISING MAGIC: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising the Money you Need NOW,” available free via e-mail at, or by calling 727-798-9345. It provides a step-by-step manual for producing and promoting his shows, and Williams assists by designing posters, flyers, and e-mail text that the sponsoring organization can distribute.


Fashion Show, Luncheon to “Give Where You Live”

WomenWithPurposepurpleballoonsST. PETERSBURG, FL — The 3rd Annual Women With Purpose fashion show is set for Saturday, November 8, from 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 301 – 58th St., S., in St. Petersburg.

“A Woman’s Journey” features apparel from Lulu’s Bridal & Fashionique, modeled by women who are survivors — of cancer, of abuse, of poverty, of the myriad challenges that have made them stronger.

Tickets cost $35 in advance, or $40 at the door. The price includes a “swag bag” of samples and gifts, and a luncheon of Parmesan crusted chicken or pork masala, green beans almandine, saffron rice, salad, and rolls, catered by Spotlight Catering. Music is provided by DJ Dutch and Leslie Brosig, with comedy provided by Tampa’s Susan Guidi. The event is dedicated to “the amazing spirit of Ms. Millie Diaz,” a woman whose community service has inspired the members of Women With Purpose.

Door prizes, a 50/50 drawing, and a silent auction offer additional ways to support the group’s mission.

Individuals and businesses are invited to sponsor the event and receive free tickets and promotional consideration.

Women With Purpose is a 501 ( c ) (3) charitable organization that encourages people to “Give Where You Live” by solving problems one person, one family, and one challenge at a time.

The group has raised more than $40,000 in the last two years. Those dollars have helped keep a roof over the head of a single mother diagnosed with bladder cancer. Funds have helped a grandmother raising four children under the age of six, providing the family with diapers, clothes, food, toys, and books. Women With Purpose paid for three orphaned siblings to visit Disney World: it was one of their mother’s last wishes for her children before she succumbed to colon cancer.

The women who comprise Women With Purpose pay for the privilege, and their membership dues helps pay for the group’s charitable efforts. “We are all volunteers with heart, compassion, enthusiasm, and passion for what we do and accomplish together,” says founder Jane Morse-Swett.

Women With Purpose assists both men and women in need, providing financial assistance for housing, utilities, transportation, insurance, groceries, and special challenges.

For information, contact Morse-Swett at 727-641-3171 or visit


Call for Entries: Greater Pinellas Country Fair

FairBanner2014 from JBEffects

PINELLAS COUNTY—Can you can? Do you make music to beat the band? Is your woodcrafting a cut above?

Then the Greater Pinellas Country Fair wants you!

In addition to traditional midway rides and games, the Greater Pinellas Country Fair is planning five full days of competitions, exhibits, and entertainment.

The fair opens the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 12, and runs daily through Sunday, Nov. 16 at England Brothers Park, 5010 – 81st Ave., N., Pinellas Park.

There will be live music daily at the England Brothers Bandshell, from young start-up performers to seasoned professionals.

There are eight categories of competitions for Pinellas County residents to enter and win ribbons and/or cash prizes. They include:

  • Baking
  • Crafts/Decorative Arts/Scale Models
  • Fabric Arts/Quilting/Sewing/Needle Arts
  • Fine Arts/China Painting/Photography
  • Food Preservation
  • Horticulture
  • Technology
  • Wood Carving

Each category has sub-categories for adults and youth. Adults will pay $1 or $2 per entry; there is no entry fee for youth categories. Judging will follow the Danish Judging system. Visit the Fair’s website ( for rules and entry forms.

Not feeling competitive this year? You can still be part of the first-ever Greater Pinellas Country Fair! Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make things wonderful for five full days. Join the Fair’s volunteer crew for a few hours, a day, or every day! Willing hands are needed to help in every area, from staffing the ticket booths as people come in, to cleaning up the festival site after they leave—and everything in between!

To volunteer and be part of the first-ever Greater Pinellas Country Fair, contact Pam Roberts at 727-541-0805, ext. 1442#, or via email at The Fair’s website has new details every week at