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LFS LOGO lighter teal FINALLinked For Success is a subscription service that “fills in the blanks” that most membership organizations can’t.

We provide customized services for small businesses that don’t have the time, the resources, or the on-board skill sets to generate the high-quality text they need for web content, press releases, online profiles, blogs, social media sharing, business collaterals, and scripts for their commercials or YouTube videos.

As part of our annual subscription offer, Linked For Success provides discounted copy writing services and ancillary services to help small businesses develop a robust presence on the web and in their local media outlets.

What’s that mean to you? LFS not only writes for you, we help make sure those words reach a receptive audience. We maintain an extensive media list; post regularly to social media to highlight our subscribers’ events, achievements, and activities; and maintain an online events list for our subscribers’ activities.

We’re building a community among our subscribers, so you’ll find encouragement to link to each others’ social media and participate in each others’ events.

Linked For Success was founded in September 2014 by Billie Noakes, a writer by trade and storyteller by avocation. Those combined skills help her craft the writing her clients need to get their targeted messages out to the community, touching hearts as well as minds with clarity and compassion.

Billie has been writing since she learned how to prop a pencil in her chubby little hand and scrawl it across a piece of paper. Typewriting made the process of reading her words less taxing for her teachers, and when she got her first computer? Well, Katie, bar the door!

Billie cut her journalist’s teeth on the pages of weekly community newspapers, wrote feature stories for the St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times) and Tampa Tribune, edited a music magazine and several weekly papers on the beaches and in central Pinellas County, and was the Program Manager for the former Vision Cable of Pinellas (now Brighthouse Networks).

A lifelong advocate of entrepreneurship, Billie has worked for and with Chambers of Commerce in Pinellas County, and understands what businesses, especially small businesses, go through to keep their doors open.

Linked For Success is her way of helping those businesses promote their products and services so they can continue driving our local economy.

We hope you’ll join us and make our business community even stronger!

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