CONDO COPS an Arresting New Reality Show

CondoCopsLogoPINELLAS COUNTY, FL—Your neighbor is taking his morning bath — beside the community pool. The woman upstairs is threatening to torch the whole condominium — and shoot anyone who runs out. A resident is hit in the head with a fish, and he’s decided it was a deliberate attack by his upstairs neighbor.

The situations are all real, drawn from the files of Ameri-Tech Companies, a Clearwater-based property management firm. Founder Mike Perez is turning those stories into what he believes is the next hit reality TV show, CONDO COPS, now filming throughout Pinellas County and set to air locally in mid-October.

“I’ve been a property manager for over 25 years. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I deal with every day,” says Perez, Executive Producer of CONDO COPS. “My company manages about 25,000 condominium units. We get calls that range from the humorous, to the heart breaking, to the downright horrifying. Often, a little common sense can resolve issues for our residents. Sometimes, we need a little more emphasis.”

That “emphasis” comes from the show’s three “condo cops.” They include Perez, the show’s hard-nosed businessman and top property manager; Darleen DePoalo, a Florida licensed real estate broker as well as a seasoned property manager who takes a more compassionate approach — until it’s time to be hard as nails; and Michael Guju, Ameri-Tech’s association attorney who brings a voice of reason to citing the letter of the law — as set forth by the condominium associations’ Rules and Regulations and condominium documents.

CONDO COPS is a thirty-minute show directed by John Parsonson, filmed by VonHenry Media, Inc., and scripted by Billie Noakes. Perez plans to produce his first season and air it locally, then shop it to national outlets.

“The show will have its humorous elements, but we’re also educating the public about how condominium associations handle and enforce their agreements with residents,” says Perez. “I have high hopes for its success.”

For further information, reach Perez at 727-639-1918.

“Last Things First” Workshop Offers Pre-Need Planning

HeadNShouldersPINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA — “Last Things First,” a workshop by Debra L. Cannell discussing the importance of planning your own funeral arrangements, is offered to area churches free of charge, and is accompanied by a donation to help participating churches extend their own work in their communities.

“I experienced the shock and loss of four deaths in my family within three months in 2010,” says Cannell, “and because none of those family members had planned to die when they did, none of them had made their final wishes known. I was faced not only with the weight of my grief, but also with partial responsibility for making arrangements without the guidance of my loved ones’ wishes. It was devastating.”

Worse, she says, her family was pressured into making financial choices about caskets, urns, and funeral services that took advantage of their vulnerability.

In 2012, says Cannell, “I decided to help people spare their own families the heartache that mine experienced. I realized that pre-need funeral plans made it possible for people to remove the burden of funeral planning and expense from their families. Such plans put control in the hands of the one person whose desires should be paramount, the one whose life would be celebrated. And these plans allowed someone to make sure that important last messages were preserved for their loved ones.”

Cannell is a licensed pre-need counselor with the nation’s oldest and largest cremation service provider. She says that she prefers to work with church congregations because she views her work as a ministry to people who want to spare their loved ones the added burden of planning a funeral at a time when they should be drawing comfort from their memories.

“Last Things First” workshops can run from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on her interactions with participants, and the number of questions they have on all aspects of pre-need planning.

She invites pastors or church outreach ministers to contact her at 727-254-0795 if they feel their congregations might benefit from the information she offers in her workshops.